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Surpac Macro Service (tcl scripting)


Mining software is an integral part of any mining company, unfortunately personnel with the

skill level required to operate the software to it’s full potential are difficult to find and even

harder to retain.


It is therefore essential for modern mining companies to automate processes to:


Mining software packages such as Surpac contain macro (or scripting) languages that allow

processes to be automated and customised to suit a particular requirement.


The operator skills required to successfully generate these automated processes are rare at best.


BMS has a large database of Surpac macros that can customised to suit individual requirements,

as well as the ability to generate “one off” processes if required.


In many cases the process is as simple as sending us an email of what you are after and we can

usually develop a solution from there.


For more high level macros that require the use of block models and alike, a data set will also

be required.


The simplest (and best approach) is to record a simple macro of what you are after, and then email

the macro (.tcl file) to us for automation.


Services Available: